Dynamic Comptational Geometry

The goal of this page is to demonstrate with video some concepts of computational geometry for dynamic sets with the hope that seeing structures in motion help grasp further more the concepts.

[Convex Hull] [Maximal Layer] [Smallest Enclosing Ball] [Voronoi Diagram] [Misc]

Convex hulls

Output-Sensitive Convex Hull Algorithms of Planar Convex Objects. Int. J. Comput. Geometry Appl. 8(1): 39-66 (1998)

[Convex Hull] [Maximal Layer] [Smallest Enclosing Ball] [Voronoi Diagram] [Misc]

Maximal and convex layers

Output-Sensitive Peeling of Convex and Maximal Layers. Inf. Process. Lett. 59(5): 255-259 (1996)

[Convex Hull] [Maximal Layer] [Smallest Enclosing Ball] [Voronoi Diagram] [Misc]

Smallest enclosing balls

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[Convex Hull] [Maximal Layer] [Smallest Enclosing Ball] [Voronoi Diagram] [Misc]

Voronoi diagrams/Delaunay triangulations

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[Convex Hull] [Maximal Layer] [Smallest Enclosing Ball] [Voronoi Diagram] [Misc]

Piercing (stabbing) and covering

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